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Daniel was great, professional, and friendly. The job was done on time, at the Price he quoted, and his worker were very professional. I would highly recommend you East Mountain Roofing.

I wanted to mention, East Mountain Roofing was a pleasure to deal with. Daniel
Kniffin (owner) gave us a quote immediately and was very honest while we received other quotes which took 1 week or longer to get back to us. Daniel Kniffin kept in touch with us, as to when the work would be done plus he is a great leader for his employees. He was on the job helping. I have never seen an owner of a company do that, even when I was living in South Florida.

The employees were very cordial and friendly. They worked in the cold windy
weather with no complaining and picked up the debris from the job. East Mountain Roofing has a great team and noticed the employees work as a team.
I would highly recommend East Mountain Roofing because its rare to find quality like this in New Mexico.

Karen Marshall

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