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We are a small family business located in Edgewood, NM. We noticed the need for a local roofing company in the East Mountain area and realized that we can offer customers a better product from a local branch.

Our company consists exclusively of qualified roofers. We have a licensed roofer on every install and consultation. That is a service that larger roofing companies just can't promise. We provide our employees with ongoing training so that they can utilize the latest technologies and the best materials correctly when completing your roofing installation.

We perform a check on the condition of your home before offering you a comprehensive and competent consultation. The finished product will be impeccable, satisfaction guaranteed.

We are a licensed, bonded and insured roofing contractor. Always insist on a licensed contractor for any project you want done properly. Our NM GS-21 license number is 375990.

Mr Daniel and Krista Kniffin
Owner/Founder, East Mountain Roofing
Phone: 505-264-7081
Email: danielkniffin@gmail.com