Shingle Roofs

Shingles roofs make up the majority of the roofs we install. Our roofers have plenty of experience to get your shingle roof installed correctly and in a minimal amount of time. 

Owens Corning is our brand of choice here at East Mountain Roofing. With the high winds and harsh summer heat we get here in New Mexico, Owens Corning has the perfect solution. Duration shingles are rated to 130 mph winds and have a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the shingle. Oakridge shingles are another good choice from Owens Corning but they don't compare to the Duration line and only cost about 3% less. We take that 3% hit and offer the Duration shingles for the same price as we offer the Oakridge line. We want everyone to have a roof they won't have to worry about when spring winds roll in. 

Here's more information on the Duration Shingle line: The Owens Corning Website has all the information you need on shingles. 

Duration Color Options

Here's a Slideshow with most of the Duration color options. You can find all of the color options and shingle options in general at Owens Corning's website listed above.

3 Tab shingles

Here in the East Mountains we have gusts of wind that top 80 mph. That's why every roof with 3 tab shingles has shingles missing. As a company we have decided that we will no longer install 3 tab shingles for customers. We would rather lose your business than put a shingle on that isn't going to work on your house.

At a product price of 13% more than 3 tab shingles, we can buy Duration shingles from our supplier. A 3 tab roof generally has 5-8 percent more waste than a dimensional shingle install so most of the added expense is gone right there. We have priced the Duration shingle install very comparable to almost any other shingle install price out there to be competitive with other companies that do install inferior products.

Please give us a call and you can see our pricing with a free estimate! See the benefits of the Duration shingle line and compare the cost to the other guys' 3 tabs and you will be surprised!

Warranty Information

This is a copy of the Warranty information for Owens Corning Shingles.