Flat Roofs


Flat roofs come in all shapes and sizes in New Mexico. We offer some of the best options for keeping the water out of you house, even when there's two feet of snow on your roof! If you're looking for a solution for your flat roof and think TPO will be too expensive, think again! We can offer this material with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and sometimes beat the prices of our competitors' Bitumen Torch Down. Give us a call and ask for a free estimate to compare.

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TPO is the Cadillac of the flat roof industry. At a very similar price to hot mop, or Torch Down Bitumen Roofing, TPO has a better lifespan and superior leak protection. TPO is mostly composed of a substance called Thermoplastic Polyolefin that is strong and very resistant to most organic compounds. The material is flexible, yet resilient enough to hold up to many years of sun and ice cold temperatures.

TPO comes in two different thicknesses for residential purposes. 45 mil TPO from Mule Hide has a 15 year membrane warranty, while 60 mil TPO from Mule Hide has a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This membrane is hot air welded together to create a pool liner-like material on your roof.

TPO is Energy Efficient. The effect of the white or light tan material can cool your house passively. The white material reflects up to 78% of the sun's rays! The material is also recyclable and easily repairable in its later years of use.

Below I have included some links to Mule Hide brand information. We can provide you with a sample copy of the Lifetime Warranty in person only.
Mule Hide's TPO Website: A great place to find more information

GacoRoof Coating

For those roofs that hold water and have no slope, there's a new product on the market that coats your existing roof and offers a 50 year Warranty.

Gaco's Website is a great place to watch videos and learn more about this new product.